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INDOOR OR GRAVESIDE SERVICE               $1095  (Veteran $995)
(2 camera shoot)

I will attend your service and very discreetly film your service using 2 cameras.  One camera will be stationed on the front of the service and I will take additional footage with the 2nd camera in order to capture the up close and personal moments and the complete experience of the service from all angles.   A typical funeral video contains footage of guests arriving, the full uninterrupted service, panning shots of the guests from multiple angles and the moments of love shared afterward.

For a 2-location shoot (for example, at the church and then the 
cemetery) add $400
$450 is due the day of the service and balance on delivery.

(1 camera shoot)

I will attend your Celebration of Life gathering, shooting videos and taking photos to create a professionally edited video to share with family and friends to always remember this beautiful event.
$325 is due at the event and balance on delivery

16x20 HAND-PAINTED COMMEMORATIVE PHOTO-PAINTING   $249 (included at no additional charge with video recordings)

commemortative photo painting of loved one
Memorial photo painting
veteran keepsake painting

(Choice of 3 backgrounds: Rustic Red or Celestial Blue or Military Flag)

This unique hand-made keepsake is included at no charge with all videos. It can also be purchased separately on its own.

It is made by having a favorite photo (and text) printed on canvas. Then the beautiful color background is hand painted in acrylics. (The video to the right shows the process of "before" and "after" the paint is applied and the painting is completed.)

  *Note: Paintings are not framed.

USB drive of Sarasota funeral video
How do I share my video??
Sharing is one of the most important aspects of video recording your funeral or gathering.  Here are some ideas:
  • KEEPSAKE USB DRIVES. You will receive up to 5 "Key to my heart"  USB drives. (Additional USB drives available for $10 each)
  • EMAIL.  I will send you the complete video file by email.  You can download it and share it any way you choose.
  • FACEBOOK.  IF you are a Facebook user, this is a great way to share your video.  I recommend you create a private memorial group for your loved one, upload your video and then invite your family and friends to watch, comment and share memories together.
Contact Catherine Thomas at (941) 806-9001 to secure your date and time.
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