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The only videographer in Sarasota devoted exclusively to FUNERALS

Why does that matter? I don't do weddings or other events. I don't do a random funeral every blue moon. THIS IS ALL I DO. Anyone can video record anything--if they know how--but not everyone is comfortable with grief and funerals. I AM. Having experienced loss, myself, I am very tuned into the unique needs of grief and this has become my unique calling and specialty.

Why create a video during the age of Livestream?

Nothing replaces the experience of attending a service live--when livestream is available. A funeral video is not intended to replace a LIVE experience, but in situations when livestream is not available (such as at the cemetery or other remote locations), the funeral video is a the perfect choice.

A funeral video brings the viewers in up close and personal as if they were there themselves in the front row--as opposed to the back row balcony looking down.  It's a fully immersive, captivating and very personal experience with custom music sound tracks and close ups of all the loving moments as captured through the eye of a videographer (not a stationary webcam far away in the back of the room) to create a cinematic movie of your service that you will cherish forever. (See SAMPLE VIDEOS)

funeral video recording


funeral video

Specializing in Military Funeral Videos at Sarasota National Cemetery

Military funeral video at Sarasota National Cemetery

My father was a veteran. I was so moved by the honor guard and presentation of the flag to my mother during his service, I never forgot it. It was the most beautiful moment in his service. This is a special ceremony that happens once in a lifetime to honor the service of our veterans . There is no livestream at the Sarasota National Cemetery, so those who are not present, you cannot experience it. This, above all else, should be shared with friends and family who cannot attend.

For this reason, I offer a Veteran's discount and will even work with families in financial hardship (to the best of my ability) to create a video and capture this moment for everyone to cherish.

All video packages include a hand-painted commemorative photo-painting for your loved one--as a gift to you!

What IS a hand-painted commemorative photo-painting???

It is a custom painting using a photo of your loved one (with some special text added) that is printed on canvas and then a hand-painted background in acrylic paints completes the painting.

Each painting is a one-of-kind memorial that is not available for purchase anywhere else on the internet. To learn more about how it came to be a unique part of this video program, read the ABOUT page. (These paintings can be purchased separately, even if you are not purchasing a video. See Products/Pricing page to purchase a painting).

personalized commemorative painting of your loved one

Rustic Red

personalized keepsake painting of your loved one

Celestial Blue

military commemorative painting

Military Flag


"Catherine has been a tremendous ally as we serve families together.  Her service goes far beyond just creating beautiful videos that are precious memories for families.  She makes a connection with people and delivers outstanding and meaningful products because she finds out in advance what is important to them and how she can capture the greatest views to honor your loved one. I cannot say enough about how happy I am to join Catherine with the families I serve to make lasting memories."

     Dean Maloney, Maloney Funeral  Home

"Dear Catherine:  Thank you for the beautiful and well done tribute and graveside videos of my husband's funeral.  It was so tastefully done, even down to the the USB's that were in the shape of a key.  I will treasure them forever!"

      Linda Hargrove

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